Social Influence

Edited by Vanessa Bohns

Volume 9 (2015)

Play Behavior and Playfulness in Adulthood
Meredith Van Vleet and Brooke C. Feeney

The Problem of Behaviour Change: From Social Norms to an Ingroup Focus
Katherine J. Reynolds, Emina Subašić and Karen Tindall

Volume 8 (2014)

Weapons of Influence Misused: A Social Influence Analysis of Why People Fall Prey to Internet Scams
Nicole L. Muscanell, Rosanna E. Guadagno and Shannon Murphy

Broadening Horizons: Self‐Expansion in Relational and Non‐Relational Contexts
Brent A. Mattingly and Gary W. Lewandowski Jr.

Volume 7 (2013)

Automatic Behavior – Its Social Embedding and Individual Consequences
Kai J. Jonas

Some Theoretical Considerations on Attitude, Arousal and Affect during Cognitive Dissonance
Marie‐Amélie Martinie, Laurent Milland and Thierry Olive

Self‐Protective Altruism
Gilad Hirschberger

Volume 6 (2012)

Increasing Perceived Variability Reduces Prejudice and Discrimination: Theory and Application (pages 920–935)
Abdelatif  Er‐rafiy and Markus Brauer

Social Representations of Gender in Peer Interaction and Cognitive Development(pages 840–851)
Charis Psaltis

Power, Leadership, and Self-Regulation (pages 619–630)
Michael R. Ent, Roy F. Baumeister and Andrew J. Vonasch

Volume 5 (2011)

Minority Influence (pages 679–693)
Antonis Gardikiotis

Integrating Terror Management Theory into Fear Appeal Research (pages 372–382)
David M. Hunt and Omar Shehryar

‘Oh My Child, What an Inappropriate Spouse for You!’: Asymmetrical Preferences and Parent–Offspring Conflict Over Mating (pages 285–295)
Menelaos Apostolou

Fear Appeals and Persuasion: A Review and Update of the Extended Parallel Process Model (pages 206–219)
Erin K. Maloney, Maria K. Lapinski and Kim Witte

Volume 4 (2010)

The Benefits, Costs, and Paradox of Revenge (pages 1193–1205)
Karina Schumann and Michael Ross

Attitudes and Attraction: Optimism and Weight as Explanations for the Similarity–Dissimilarity Asymmetry (pages 1206–1219)
Ramadhar Singh and Joseph J. P. Simons

Minority Influence, Social Change, and Social Stability (pages 1111–1123)
Angelica Mucchi-Faina, Maria Giuseppina Pacilli and Stefano Pagliaro

Ferreting Facts or Fashioning Fallacies? Factors in Rumor Accuracy (pages 1124–1137)
Nicholas DiFonzo

On Being Exposed to Superior Others: Consequences of Self-Threatening Upward Social Comparisons (pages 621–634)
Dominique Muller and Marie-Pierre Fayant

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How to Forego Forbidden Fruit: The Regulation of Attractive Alternatives as a Commitment Mechanism (pages 635–644)
John E Lydon

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Women, Men, and Leadership: Exploring the Gender Gap at the Top (pages 484–498)
Crystal L. Hoyt

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Volume 3 (2009)

Lay Psychology and the Social Value of Persons (pages 1082–1095)
Jean-Léon Beauvois and Nicole Dubois

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Policy Attitudes, Ideological Values and Social Representations (pages 1096–1112)
Christian Staerklé

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The Beholder’s Eye: Vision and Perception in Afterimage Studies of Attitude Change (pages 339–350)
Jessica B. Clevering

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Research on the Effects of Violent Video Games: A Critical Analysis (pages 351–364)
Christopher J. Ferguson

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Volume 2 (2008)

Social Control Behavior: The Effects of Social Situations and Personal Implication on Informal Social Sanctions (pages 2141–2158)
Peggy Chekroun

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Ethnocentrism and Sexism: How Stereotypes Legitimize Six Types of Power (pages 2159–2176)
Felicia Pratto and Eileen V. Pitpitan

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Why We Need Interdependence Theory (pages 2049–2070)
Caryl E. Rusbult and Paul A. M. Van Lange

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The Social Value of Internal Explanations and the Norm of Internality (pages 1737–1752)
Nicole Dubois and Jean-Léon Beauvois

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Personal Relative Deprivation: A Look at the Grievous Consequences of Grievance (pages 1753–1766)
Francine Tougas and Ann M. Beaton

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Psychological Similarities and Differences between Women and Men across Cultures (pages 494–510)
Serge Guimond

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Alcohol and Aggression: Perspectives on Controlled and Uncontrolled Social Information Processing (pages 511–538)
Laurent Bègue and Baptiste Subra

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Group Membership as a ‘Frame of Reference’ for Interpersonal Comparison (pages 539–554)
Colin Wayne Leach and Michael L. W. Vliek

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Volume 1 (2007)

How Can People Be Induced to Willingly Change Their Behavior? The Path from Persuasive Communication to Binding Communication (pages 493–505)
Robert-Vincent Joule, Fabien Girandola and Françoise Bernard

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Thwarting the Need to Belong: Understanding the Interpersonal and Inner Effects of Social Exclusion (pages 506–520)
Roy F. Baumeister, Lauren E. Brewer, Dianne M. Tice and Jean M. Twenge

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Dynamic Social Impact: A Theory of the Origins and Evolution of Culture (pages 521–540)
Helen C. Harton and Melinda Bullock

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The Impact of Higher Education on Egalitarian Attitudes and Values: Contextual and Cultural Determinants (pages 541–556)
Armand Chatard and Leila Selimbegovic

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What Family Organization Tells Us about Fairness and Power in Marital Relationships (pages 557–571)
Gabrielle Poeschl

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Majority and Minority Influence (pages 572–589)
William D. Crano and Viviane Seyranian

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