Culture & Diversity

Edited by Krishna Savani

Volume 9 (2015)

When Whites’ Attempts to Be Multicultural Backfire in Intergroup Interactions
Linda Zou and Sapna Cheryan

Volume 8 (2014)

Unpacking East–West Differences in the Extent of Self‐Enhancement from the Perspective of Face versus Dignity Culture
Hae In Lee, Angela K‐y. Leung and Young‐Hoon Kim

Teaching and Learning Guide for Towards a Cultural–Clinical Psychology
Andrew G. Ryder and Yulia E. Chentsova‐Dutton

Volume 6 (2012)

Caught Between Culture, Society, and Globalization: Youth Marginalization in Post-industrial Japan (pages 361–378)
Vinai Norasakkunkit, Yukiko Uchida and Tuukka Toivonen
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Sub-Dimensions of the Four Factor Model of Cultural Intelligence: Expanding the Conceptualization and Measurement of Cultural Intelligence (pages 295–313)
Linn Van Dyne, Soon Ang, Kok Yee Ng, Thomas Rockstuhl, Mei Ling Tan and Christine Koh
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Shared Knowledge Matters: Culture as Intersubjective Representations (pages 109–125)
Ching Wan
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Cultural Variations in Motivation for Cognitive Consistency: Influences of Self-Systems on Cognitive Dissonance (pages 126–141)
Etsuko Hoshino-Browne
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Volume 5 (2011)

Embodied Cultural Cognition: Situating the Study of Embodied Cognition in Socio-Cultural Contexts (pages 591–608)
Angela K.–y. Leung, Lin Qiu, Laysee Ong and Kim-Pong Tam
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Can Thrift Bring Well-being? A Review of the Research and a Tentative Theory (pages 865–877)
Tim Kasser
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Cultural Differences in the Subjective Experience of Emotion: When and Why They Occur (pages 853–864)
Christie Napa Scollon, Sharon Koh and Evelyn W. M. Au
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Embodied Cultural Cognition: Situating the Study of Embodied Cognition in Socio-Cultural Contexts (pages 591–608)
Angela K.–y. Leung, Lin Qiu, Laysee Ong and Kim-Pong Tam
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Cultural Meanings of Brands and Consumption: A Window into the Cultural Psychology of Globalization (pages 251–262)
Carlos Torelli and Shirley Cheng
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The Quest for Multicultural Competence: Challenges and Lessons Learned from Clinical and Organizational Research (pages 263–274)
Melody Manchi Chao, Sumie Okazaki and Ying-yi Hong
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Integrating the Study of Culture and Religion: Toward a Psychology of Worldview(pages 137–152)
Kathryn A. Johnson, Eric D. Hill and Adam B. Cohen

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Volume 4 (2010)

Understanding the Complexity of Everyday Interethnic Contact: Recommendations for Researchers (pages 795–806)
John B. Nezlek and Juliette Schaafsma

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Prejudice Toward Female Leaders: Backlash Effects and Women’s Impression Management Dilemma (pages 807–820)

Julie E. Phelan and Laurie A. Rudman

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First Impressions of the Face: Predicting Success (pages 506–516)
Nicholas Rule and Nalini Ambady

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From Emic to Etic: Exporting Indigenous Constructs (pages 364–378)
Sylvia Xiaohua Chen

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Judging Faces in Context (pages 393–402)
David Matsumoto and Hyi Sung Hwang

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Good, Better, Best: Between Culture and Self-Enhancement (pages 379–392)
Jenny Kurman

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Understanding Western-East Asian Differences and Similarities in Self-Enhancement (pages 304–317)
Helen C. Boucher

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Across the (Not So) Great Divide: Cultural Similarities in Self-Evaluative Processes (pages 318–330)
Jonathon D. Brown

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Translation and Cultural Comparison: Some Epistemological Reflections (pages 227–237)
Romin W. Tafarodi

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Culture and Terror Management: What is “Culture” in Cultural Psychology and Terror Management Theory? (pages 164–173)
Emi S. Kashima

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Culture and Probability Judgment (pages 174–188)
J. Frank Yates

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Socialization: Insights from Social Cognition (pages 93–106)
Selin Kesebir, David H. Uttal and Wendi Gardner

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Living at the Crossroads of Cultural Worlds: The Experience of Normative Conflicts by Second Generation Immigrant Youth (pages 14–29)
Benjamin Giguère, Richard Lalonde and Evelina Lou

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Personal Values and Behavior: Taking the Cultural Context into Account (pages 30–41)
Sonia Roccas and Lilach Sagiv

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Volume 3 (2009)

On the Relationship between Social Capital and Individualism–Collectivism (pages 871–886)
Anu Realo and Jüri Allik

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Culture and Development of Self-Regulation (pages 687–701)
Gisela Trommsdorff

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Once upon a Time: Explaining Cultural Differences in Episodic Specificity (pages 413–432)
Qi Wang

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Terrorism, Identity, and Conflict Management (pages 433–446)
Winnifred R. Louis

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Suggestions for a New Integration in the Psychology of Morality (pages 447–474)
Diane Sunar

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Dynamic Biculturalism: Socially Connected and Individuated Unique Selves in a Globalized World (pages 199–210)
Michael Bender and Sik Hung Ng

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Volume 2 (2008)

Cultural Differences in the Self: From Philosophy to Psychology and Neuroscience (pages 1799–1811)
Ying Zhu and Shihui Han

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Towards the Realistic Perception of a Culture (pages 1812–1823)
Harry C. Triandis

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The Influence of Children on Their Parents’ Values (pages 1143–1161)
Ariel Knafo and Neta Galansky

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Action Research: A Missing Component in the Emergence of Social and Cross-Cultural Psychology as a Fully Inter-Connected Global Enterprise (pages 1162–1181)
James H. Liu, Sik-hung Ng, Ma. Cecilia Gastardo-Conaco and Dennis S. W. Wong

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Reaping the Rewards of Diversity: The Role of Identity Integration (pages 1182–1198)
Chi-Ying Cheng, Melissa Sanders, Jeffrey Sanchez-Burks, Kristine Molina, Fiona Lee, Emily Darling and Yu Zhao

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Sociosexual Orientation and Sexual Behavior in Mexican Adults (pages 1199–1217)
Rolando Díaz-Loving and Georgina García Rodríguez

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Culture and Personality: Variability across Universal Motives as the Missing Link (pages 608–634)
E. Tory Higgins

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Broadening the Study of the Self: Integrating the Study of Personal Identity and Cultural Identity (pages 635–651)
Seth J. Schwartz, Byron L. Zamboanga and Robert S. Weisskirch

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Culture, Gender, and Men’s Intimate Partner Violence (pages 652–667)
Joseph A. Vandello and Dov Cohen

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Culture and Biology: The Foundation of Pathways of Development (pages 668–681)
Heidi Keller

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The Chinese Personality Assessment Inventory as a Culturally Relevant Personality Measure in Applied Settings (pages 74–89)
Fanny Cheung, Weiqiao Fan and Clara To

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Colonialism and Psychology of Culture (pages 90–106)
Sumie Okazaki, E. J. R. David and Nancy Abelmann

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A Social Psychology of Cultural Dynamics: Examining How Cultures Are Formed, Maintained, and Transformed (pages 107–120)
Yoshihisa Kashima

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Volume 1 (2007)

Climates Create Cultures (pages 53–67)
Evert Van de Vliert

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Networks of Meaning: Intergroup Relations, Cultural Worldviews, and Knowledge Activation Principles (pages 68–83)
Rodolfo Mendoza-Denton and Nina Hansen

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Toward a Social Psychology of Culture and Globalization: Some Social Cognitive Consequences of Activating Two Cultures Simultaneously (pages 84–100)
Chi-Yue Chiu and Shirley Y. Y. Cheng

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Biculturalism Unpacked: Components, Measurement, Individual Differences, and Outcomes (pages 101–114)
Angela-MinhTu D. Nguyen and Verónica Benet-Martínez

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