Critical Psychology

Volume 10 (2016)

Toward the Desegregation of Thought and Affect in Psychological Theorizing
Rachel Joffe Falmagne

Volume 9 (2015)

Trauma and Gender
Puleng Segalo

Rethinking the Crisis in Social Psychology: A Dialectical Perspective
Manolis Dafermos

Collective emotions
Gavin Brent Sullivan

Embodied Methodologies, Participation, and the Art of Research
Madeline Fox

Genetic testing and human subjectivity
Michael Arribas‐Ayllon

The Psychiatrization of Poverty: Rethinking the Mental Health–Poverty Nexus
China Mills

Volume 8 (2014)

Class Dismissed: Putting Social Class on the Critical Psychological Agenda
Katy Day, Bridgette Rickett and Maxine Woolhouse

The Social in Social Psychology
John D. Greenwood

Approaching Nature, ‘Sustainability’ and Ecological Crises from a Critical Social Psychological Perspective
Matthew Adams

Psychologisation and Critique in Modern‐day Western Culture
Ole Jacob Madsen

Towards a Relationally and Action‐orientated Social Psychology of Homelessness
Darrin Hodgetts, Ottilie Stolte and Shiloh Groot
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Developing an Understanding of Race Talk
Simon Goodman

Leadership as a Dominant Cultural Myth: A Strain‐Based Perspective on Leadership Approaches
Gazi Islam

Volume 7 (2013)

Toward a Critical Race Psychology
Phia Salter and Glenn Adams

Lacan and Social Psychology
David Pavón‐Cuéllar

Resilience: A Disability Studies and Community Psychology Approach (pages 67–78)
Katherine Runswick‐Cole and Dan Goodley

Volume 6 (2012)

Applied Social Psychology: A Critical Theoretical Perspective
Matthew McDonald and David Bubna‐Litic

A General Model of Preventive and Interventive Self-Control
Wilhelm Hofmann and Hiroki Kotabe
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Mindfulness: Towards A Critical Relational Perspective
Steven Stanley

The Sexualisation of Culture?
Rosalind Gill

Scratching the Surface: Internationalization, Cultural Diversity and the Politics of Recognition
Michael Arfken

Ideology and Social Psychology
Hilde Eileen Nafstad and Rolv Mikkel Blakar

Volume 5 (2010)

Social Stigma and its Consequences for the Socially Stigmatized
David M. Frost

The Greatest Gift? Happiness, Governance and Psychology
John Cromby

Psychology as Space: Embodied Relationality
Ian Tucker

Social Psychology, War and Peace: Towards a Critical Discursive Peace Psychology
Stephen Gibson

An Embodied-Socio-Psychological Perspective in Health Psychology?
Marie Santiago Delefosse

The ‘Anti-Social’ Nature of Prosocial Research; A Psychosocial Critique
Bruna Seu

Intimate Justice: A Critical Analysis of Sexual Satisfaction
Sara I. McClelland

Migratory Emotions: The Murder of Jean Charles de Menezes
Tara Atluri

Gender, Conversation Analysis, and the Anatomy of Membership Categorization Practices
Elizabeth Stokoe

From Emic to Etic: Exporting Indigenous Constructs
Sylvia Xiaohua Chen

Good, Better, Best: Between Culture and Self-Enhancement
Jenny Kurman

Judging Faces in Context
David Matsumoto and Hyi Sung Hwang

Walking as a ‘Radicalized’ Critical Psychological Method? A Review of Academic, Artistic and Activist Contributions to the Study of Social Environments
Alexander J. Bridger

What is Epistemological Violence in the Empirical Social Sciences?
Thomas Teo

Social Psychology and the Empirical Body: Rethinking the Relationship
Antonia C. Lyons and John Cromby

Volume 4 (2009)

Narrative and discursive approaches to the analysis of subjectivity in psychotherapy
Evrinomy Avdi and Eugenie Georgaca

A Voice and So Much More: The Neglect and Representation of Language in Social Psychology
Desmond Painter

The Psychology of News Influence and the Development of Media Framing Analysis
David Giles and Rachel L. Shaw

Masculinities, Femininities, Behaviour and Health 
Antonia C. Lyons

Volume 3 (2008)

Dreaming the American Dream: Individualism and Positive Psychology
Dana Becker and Jeanne Marecek

Reclaiming Embodiment within Critical Psychology: A Material-Discursive Analysis of the Menopausal Body
Jane M. Ussher

‘The Inner Citadels of the Color Line’: Mapping the Micro-Ecology of Racial Segregation in Everyday Life Spaces
John Dixon, Colin Tredoux, Kevin Durrheim, Gillian Finchilescu and Beverley Clack

Social Psychology and Media: Critical Considerations
Kerry Chamberlain and Darrin Hodgetts

Phenomenology and Critical Social Psychology: Directions and Debates in Theory and Research
Darren Langdridge

Using Conversation Analysis in Feminist and Critical Research
Sue Wilkinson and Celia Kitzinger

Supporting Information | Subjectivity, Not Personality: Combining Discourse Analysis and Psychoanalysis
Peter Branney

Racist Discourse in New Zealand and Australia: Reviewing the Last 20 Years
Keith Tuffin

Notes for a Critical Personality Psychology: Making Room under the Critical Psychology Umbrella
Suzanne C. Ouellette

Critical Health Psychology: Developing and Refining the Approach
Michelle Crossley

Towards a Critical Social Psychological Account of National Sentiments: Patriotism and Nationalism Revisited
Antonis Sapountzis

Absolute Other: Lacan’s ‘Big Other’ as Adjunct to Critical Social Psychological Analysis?
Derek Hook

Volume 2 (2007)

Critical Psychology: What It Is and What It Is Not
Ian Parker

Theorizing Hyphenated Selves: Researching Youth Development in and across Contentious Political Contexts
Michelle Fine and Selcuk R. Sirin

Queer Theory and Its Future in Psychology: Exploring Issues of Race Privilege
Damien Riggs